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  • Interior Design Trends for Every Lifestyle, Lifestyle Magazine, November 2006

Sara says:

"Communicate your needs, wants, wishes, and dreams to the designer.  Show her magazine pictures of interiors that you like.  Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words."

"People are hungry for color.  Subtle is O-U-T, and fabric houses are responding by launching new collections with vibrant colors."

"Another trend is that the TV, once considered a design eyesore, is coming out of the closet - literally.  Flat screen TVs can stand on their own, and plasma TVs adorn walls like works of art. art is in high demand.  "There is something very magical about glass.  It's the item for interiors."

" ... it is important to have good chemistry with your interior designer.  If you don't feel comfortable working with your designer, they're not a good match.  Also be patient to see the project through to the end.  When a project requires work by different contractors it often will take longer than originally planned."

 - Darcy Silvers

Classes Offered

Class offered  Feb 22, 2007
"Lighting Design Basics":
Lighting is an extremely important component in the design of a room. It is the lighting that shows the overall design in the room. If poorly done, the room with the most sophisticated design scheme will  fail to show the work that was done in the room. On the other hand, if cleverly done, even the room with the simplest design scheme will look very impressive. Lighting influences the appearance of a room, sets the tone, and creates the mood that you are trying to convey. The participants will be introduced to the different types of lighting, their function and application.

Class offered Feb 15, 2007 through Northampton Township and
July 17, 2007 as part of "Seashore Conversations" lecture series for the "Show House at the Shore" to benefit Ruth Newman Shapiro Cancer & Heart Fund.

"How to Transform Your Interiors with New Flooring":
Your choice of flooring has a HUGE impact on the general design of a room. Flooring is the largest dimension in the interior that is treated, other than the walls and the ceiling. Explore the possibilities for function and style. Your choice will set the tone and the direction of your project. Participants will be presented with many samples of different flooring products and their functional applications.

Class offered Feb 8, 2007
"10 Common Design  Mistakes to Avoid":
Enjoy  an evening with designer Sara K. Torjman exploring the most common design mistakes made in colors, textiles, lighting, accessories, furniture, walls, floors, ceilings and style in general. If you are planning to have any work done in your home, you don't want to miss this session. Bring your fabric swatches, paint chips, samples, etc. to class.  Participants will  view pictures and analyze common mistakes and remedies to correct them. Participants are encourage to bring their sample swatches and questions to class.

Class offered April, 2006
"Discovering Your Design Personality":
This four session program is designed on the premise that the interiors of your home or office have a profound impact on how you feel, how productive, creative, serene or happy you can be. The participants will develop the tools to discover their individual styles and accordingly make the best choices for their interiors.
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